Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Mirror Image

The mirror activity on Tuesday was quite an experience for me. It was really strange at first to look directly into another person's eyes that I had just met. After a while though, I became comfortable and realized that if you looked away the activity didn't work the way it was supposed to . Also I taught some of the girls on the team how to play whiz/bang. We played it in the airport...haha. Now if only I could not get kicked out of the game in class...


I really like the group activities that we were doing in class. I think the more you can visualize an actual situation, the better it translates into a scene. Also each individual component that is in a scene is not easy to convey to an audience. What you see and hear for example are two things that are not always easy to get across. I was definately feeling the teamwork theme which will most likely be a very important aspect of acting.

Mirror Exercise

I really enjoyed the mirror exercise that we did in class on Tuesday. I had a hard time not laughing but after I stopped lauging it was cool to mirror someone else. I also enjoyed watching other people do this activity because besides seeing who first started the movement you really couldnt tell who was the leader.