Thursday, November 15, 2007

Great class today. I was glad we got to start on our final and I feel that my partner and I are making great head way. Also it was fun to do the door exercise again and it was also it was a plus to make everyone laugh when I did the exercise.
Im really excited to see how everyone's final projects turn out. I have already heard of a lot of creative ideas from many of the goups and I am really excited to see how their final scences turn out. Im glad that we get time to work on them in class. This will be very helpful to those who have busy and conflicting schedules!
So i'm sitting in a hotel lobby in Grand Rapids, MI. It's "study tables" time. Our team is sooo good at studying....more than half our watching Ellen or coloring. Anyway, class on Tuesday was pretty uneventful. I am excited to get started on my final though. Those words do not usually come out in that order very often. Hopefully it turns out good.
in class we just talked about the play which most of us did not like. I did not like the singing. I just liked Ecpecting Isabel too much and the two plays were so different.
I enjoyed seeing the musical. Was a nice way to get out of the dorm room and to see something that was entertaining. i am a little sad that there are no more shows between now and the end of the semester but i am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to see some next semester.
I really enjoyed discussing the play last class. I think I like being a critic, but since this class has progressed I watch acting in a new way. I have a new appreciation for how difficult it is to get a certain message across to an audience. That makes play watching more enjoyable for me.
I really enjoyed the discussion in class today. When I watched the play I wanted someone to discuss the acting and other aspects of the play with, but it just was not there. I kind of forgot about it until I got to class. It was really fun for me to hear other people’s opinions on the play. I can’t wait to get started on our finals it should be really fun.


Class was really informative for me on Tuesday. I enjoyed our discussion on Broadway and was glad to get some more information on our final projects. I liked the Secret Garden but I think it was agreed upon that it was too difficult to follow. Oh and for the record I was not sleeping in class just day dreaming but I heard what Dr. Polanco was saying lol.