Tuesday, September 4, 2007

listening exercise

I really enjoyed this excercise even though at first it was hard not to do more action and move movement. My head was saying it wanted to do more than just sit there and listen, but then I know if I did then the exercise we were doing would look very unnatural.

Missed one...

Just wanted to make sure I wrote some comments from last Thursday. You told us to sit down and observe our surroundings for 5-10 minutes. So I decided to do it while traveling in Colorado. I focused more on what was outside of the van, rather than inside since I had never been there before. Immediately I noticed the landscape. It was like nothing I've ever seen before. As we went farther into the city we were at, I noticed the people. They had a different style to them. I could tell the culture was different. Many of the guys had long, shoulder length hair, scruffy beards, and dressed very casually. There were lots of boots and hiking shoes. The more people we passed the more I realized how in touch they were with where they lived. To live in the mountains you have to love the outdoors and really respect your enviroment.

Mirror Image

Today was the most comfortable I have felt up to this point. I really enjoyed the mirror activity because it was something you had to really focus on and it presented a challenge we have not had to face yet. I also learned today that acting is largely in your mind because if you can make yourself believe you are in a jungle the audience will get that impression from you because you believe it.


For this exercise i was a little confused about what to do. I did just sit down in my dorm and listen to what was going on around me. I could hear my roommate breathing soft as he slept, i could hear the guys in the next room taping on there desk, and i could here the TV in our room making a soft noise so that my roommate could sleep. However i was also aware of the room itself. This may sound wired but even with my eyes closed i was able to see everything it. It was as if I was seeing the room but without my site. If i tried I could stretched this feeling it was like i coud exaclly what guy was walking down the hall.