Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Mirror Image

Today was the most comfortable I have felt up to this point. I really enjoyed the mirror activity because it was something you had to really focus on and it presented a challenge we have not had to face yet. I also learned today that acting is largely in your mind because if you can make yourself believe you are in a jungle the audience will get that impression from you because you believe it.


Janice McCloskey said...

I completely agree with what you said about making your audience believe you. I also thought the mirror image activity was very neat. It was weird at first looking at someone that you dont know very well straight in the eye and stare. But it slowly got comfortable because staring at them helped you move almost at the same time. Other then the mirror image activity I also like the stretch ruitine that we do in the beginning of class. It makes me relaxed and feel warmed up and ready to act.

Ben Tracey said...

I really enjoyed the mirror image because it was very challenging. It was awkward having to stare at someone I don't know very well. I had to block that out and concentrate on trying to communicate movements with him easily enough that he could mirror them well. I was the leader and I wanted people to think that I was a follower. However, it was very tough. I thought after a while it was almost like my partner was depending on me to make him do things. I liked that power!