Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brady Quinn Commercial

I saw the commercial again today and once again I do believe that almost at the very end of the commercial in the bottom left corner you can see Fabios head. I'm almost 95% sure that it is Fabio, but I could be wrong. And as for Brady saying he's busy on Sunday's, I can't quite say I agree with that.

Brady Quinn or Fabio?

Ther verdict is still out on whether or not Fabio is in this commercial. Some say that Fabio is the first fan to run out in the black shirt. Others wonder if Fabio isnt using his superb acting skills and good looks to actually act as a body double for Brady Quinn on the float. Many say that they actually confuse Fabio and Brady Quinn. A third party wonders if Fabio has'nt used his acting skills to trick everyone in class.
Whiz-Bang is definitely getting more intense, and I am going to miss it when the semester is over. I also am enjoying preparing for this final project, and finding that it is way more intense than I thought. I think they will all be fun to watch!
Class was good yesterday, as usual. It helped me to realize how much thought and detail we really need to put into our finals. I think it's going to take a lot of work, but i'm excited to see how everyone's turns out in the long run. The semester's almost over, but every class i'm still surprised by all the creativity. No matter what time was chosen, someone had a different idea of what was done then, so everyone had a different way of showing it.