Tuesday, October 9, 2007

The exercises that we do now are much more fun that at the beginning of the year. So many people in the class have such humorous personalities its really hard to not laugh at them. I'm definately enjoying being able to talk and interact with people beyond the mirror exercises.
Class was great today. It feels weird to do something like eating a sub in convo and talking on stage. It just didn't feel as natural without actually being actually in convo and actually eating a sub.
I know we have done absolutely nothing with costumes, but i have to say, i think they make it much easier to let your guard down. Take volleyball for instance. Once my uniform is on I am a completely different person. It's acceptable to yell and scream and hit other girls on the butt. No one thinks twice about it. When in uniform I take on a greater role. I'm not just #2....defensive specialist, but i'm 1 out of 10 girls that contributes to each point, which leads to winning each game, and eventually each match. That uniform gives me the confidence to take on another role and act a way that I may not in everyday life.....it's an amazing feeling.
I found the acting as a certain person in a job was very interesting. It was very difficult because many people act fairly normal in the real world and you can’t tell what job they have. I do not often watch people and think about their job like I do for a lot of the other things we do in class. It was strange to think about someone I do not really know anything about. Perhaps I will pay more attention to how people act and if it is telling about other parts of their lives.