Thursday, December 13, 2007

Good Job everyone!! way to end the semester! i thought everyone did awesome and really stepped it up! these skits looked better than anything that we did this semester. I think we all could be actors/actresses!!

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Everyone did a great job today! Im sorry that I was a little under the weather but I still enjoyed watching everyone do their scenes! Good Luck on the rest of finals Everyone...Im really gonna miss this class! Fabio- You were awesome and I wish we all could take this class again! Have a great break guys :)
Today was awesome! seeing all the scenes come together was really sweet. Also, seeing how far everyone has come since the beginning of the semester was unbelievable! I'm gonna miss this class so much!

Final and last whiz bang

I felt we all did an amazing job today on the final. I just hope my writing portion of the final is as good as my scene was...hahahahaha. It was great but sad to get to do one last whiz bang with all of you, but it is a time I have enjoyed none the less. Good luck everyone on the rest of your exams and have a great holiday break.
It is really hard to remeber to blog and i hate it! haha. Working on the plays was fun and I am really glad that we were able to work on them in class to have Fabio help us out. It was such a big help! It should be intersting to see everyone's today and present ours!

Monday, December 10, 2007

Well tomorrow is our final! good luck to everyone! i know we will do great! this class has been so much fun and i wish it was not ending so soon! have fun and good luck on everyones finals from our class to all your other classes that you have! :)
This class has been a completely new learning experience. Through it all I would have to say it has been my most enjoyable class thus far in my time at Ashland. Every class kept me guessing and Fabio, you always made us laugh. I'm so excited to see everyones' finals. This should be my most enjoyable day this week...besides the day I get to go home. Good luck with finals everyone...and break a leg tomorrow! Thanks for a great class!

Friday, December 7, 2007

WOW our last class. It was a great semester and I really enjoyed doing whiz bang and funny exercises with you all. I am pumped for the final and I know we all will show Fabio what we really are made of in it.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

wow i cant believe it was our last class either! the time has flown by so quickly! im almost positive i wont have another class that is this much fun or one that you dont have to feel embarrassed when your doing something weird or different. good luck on everyone's finals im sure everyone will do awesome! the skits look good so far and that was just practice. Have a fun rest of the semester and I will see everyone around campus! good luck!

Thanks Everyone

I am unexpectedly moved by what you have been writing about the class. I care a lot about my work and it means a lot to me.

For me, the best result of this semester is that you all seemed to connect with one another. It's one of the great byproducts of theatre. I love that you support each other so much, and that you seem to have become friends.

I hope that you will not make yourselves strangers. I will certainly see you around campus, but also feel free to stop by and say, "Hey," anytime. Also, come see my shows.

It has been a real pleasure each and everyday. I could not have asked for a better class (that goes for the class that comes after you, as well.) It says a lot about the students at this school.
I cant believe that today was our last class! This semester has just went sooooo fast! It was fun getting to know everyone and I will really miss having this class! I wish everyone the best of luck on their final projects! :) See ya Tuesday bright and early!
I am sad that this is the last time that we will ever meet for regular class. I have made some new friends and had a blast with everyone doing all the crazy activities. i hope you all have a god Christmas and see you around campus.

Last Class

I really have enjoyed our classes up til this point even if I am not any good at acting. It has been a lot of fun because we have constantly been doing different activities and Mr. Polanco has made me laugh everyday. I have never had a class where I know what I need to do but struggle doing it so much. Anyways, it has been fun.
Tuesdays class was pretty fun. Special props to Chris and Janice....your scene seems to be pretty sweet. Ben and Jennas is looking really good to. I was surprised by how beleiveable Jenna made the sce3ne, good job!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

last class...

Yes tommorow is the last day for our acting for non-majors class...and it is sad. I never thought coming into this class that I was going to enjoy it as much as I actually have. I mean the only thing I haven't liked about the class is the fact that Fabio's a Patriots fan, but everyone has some flawed gene in them. I'm gonna miss the early morning class, and waking up to a little whiz bang action...
So tomorrow is the last day of class and I am quite sad about that. I have had so much fun this semester, and I feel like this class has helped me to open up more. I am definately going to miss it next semester when I have a whole bunch of serious classes. I wish everyone luck with their finals both in this class and all other classes. Everyone is going to be great and I am looking foreward to seeing everyone's act!
Soooo Im really sad that we only have one more regular class together :( very sad! This class has been awesome and I really have enjoyed every minute of it! Although I am sad that this class will be ending, I am pumped to see everyone's scences! Im sure they'll be great! :)
I'm really excited for these finals. A lot of them seem like really dramatic relationship scenes. I'm sure glad we didn't choose to go down that road too because it could get picky with everyone doing it. The lines we received made it hard to think of anything but an intimate relationship though. Regardless, i'm really excited to watch....nervous to perform, but very excited to see everyone elses'!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i think our final is going to be hard. my partner and i did our skit today and have completely new ideas on how we should act. I never knew how incredibly hard it is to match what your saying and how your saying it with a particular word. I think the matching of what our actions are and how we will recite them to the audience.
I have to agree with my fellow classmates. It will certainly be a tough day for me to walk away from this class after the final. Also Stacy and my scene is moving along nicely I hope we can go thursday so we can get all of it polished for next weeks exam.

P.S. Loved Ben's Kramer impression
Ben, I dont care what everyone else thought. I loved the Kosmo Kramer! The goups did well today. Its weird that almost al of these skits are based on a couple in a broken relationship. Its kinda depressing. Speaking of depressing, I cant beleive that we only have potential to play whiz-bang one or two more times.......who all wants to take this class next semester again for no credit?
The final for this class is a little nerve racking. It is not hard per say there is just a lot that you have to consider when you are doing it. The character bio and all that other stuff, all in all though i am still having fun in the class.
So it was nerve-wrecking doing our scene last time. I am definately glad that we did so we could get some of the staging down. I am sad though because thiss class is coming to and end. It is something that I am definately going to miss next semester!
This is a sad week in the city of ashland. WE have only two more regular classes. This has been an awesome class though. Fabio is the shiz and so are all you classmates!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Class on Thursday was a lot of help. It was nerve racking at the same time. I'm confident in our scene, but seeing how hard it was to come up with actions in class, i'm worried whether or not we will be able to do it efficiently on our own. I can't wait to finally do it though. It should be the most fun I have taking a final all week!
We have been working on our scene some now, and finding all the actions has become much harder. I can see how it is really helpful to have all that figured out, because it gives you a purpose as you do the acting, but it is really hard to find actions for every line. I am also having a hard time delivering the lines in the exact way that I want to. But, I am still have lots of fun doing it.

Sunday, December 2, 2007


I am very anxious to see how these projects come together. It is a lot of work but it is a lot of fun to do. I am gald we are all getting some help with our projects and I enjoy the activities we are doing that will help us with them. Hopefully everyone is doing well and getting all their work done.
So I was looking at my final project today and I really am enjoying putting actions to all of my lines. It helps you define your character better and put reasoning behind each of your lines! I have not started my paper yet but I look forward to do that as well! Hope everyone had a good weekend :)