Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Soooo Im really sad that we only have one more regular class together :( very sad! This class has been awesome and I really have enjoyed every minute of it! Although I am sad that this class will be ending, I am pumped to see everyone's scences! Im sure they'll be great! :)


Ben Tracey said...

It is sad that we are almost done. I really wish this class lasted all year. It has been a great class. It is very fun and I am glad we had the people we had to make it that way. I think that the scenes are going to really cool when they are done. Long live Whizbang

kris kennedy said...

Yes, Along with the others I will miss this class. It is going to suck when it is replaced with another typical sit and listen type of class. Working on the scenes required much more than I expected. Naming an emotion/action to each word is difficult but does pay off when the seen is looked as a whole. The final next week should be pretty entertaining.