Friday, November 30, 2007

I think that it really helped out on our final project when Fabio had everyone create objectives for every bit of dialogue. It made it easier in establishing what actions to do and what tone to speak in.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funk DADDY and myself... we gonna tear it up. Nuff said... haha. I am excited, this is going to be fun!
Class today was pretty cool, but should I expect anything less? It's always a good time. Today a good competitive game of whizbang got me going. Something about that game. But I really liked that starting activity that we did today. Once we got it down an understood to directly identify the people it was very enjoyable. I also thought it is pretty neat how detailed Fabio wants us to be about the skits. I understand that it is much more difficult knowing all those details. But it changes the whole perception of the skits and the difference it is making it clear in class.
I really feel like my final partner and I are getting far in our project. However it was really good to see others go today and see their's because it help me better figure out how to better attack mine and seeing that my partner still have some way to go.
so i have a swim meet this week/weekend and i cant make any of my classes on thursday and friday...this morning was so different without theater class. my schedule was just not right without theater in my day. weird sounding i know but it was wierd not having the class. I hope everyone had a wonderful class and i will be back on tuesday!
We started working more details of our skit. We have a good back story and have decided a lot about it, but it is really hard to have all of that come out in our skit without saying any of it. I am looking forward to figuring out some more of what we are going to do.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Brady Quinn Commercial

I saw the commercial again today and once again I do believe that almost at the very end of the commercial in the bottom left corner you can see Fabios head. I'm almost 95% sure that it is Fabio, but I could be wrong. And as for Brady saying he's busy on Sunday's, I can't quite say I agree with that.

Brady Quinn or Fabio?

Ther verdict is still out on whether or not Fabio is in this commercial. Some say that Fabio is the first fan to run out in the black shirt. Others wonder if Fabio isnt using his superb acting skills and good looks to actually act as a body double for Brady Quinn on the float. Many say that they actually confuse Fabio and Brady Quinn. A third party wonders if Fabio has'nt used his acting skills to trick everyone in class.
Whiz-Bang is definitely getting more intense, and I am going to miss it when the semester is over. I also am enjoying preparing for this final project, and finding that it is way more intense than I thought. I think they will all be fun to watch!
Class was good yesterday, as usual. It helped me to realize how much thought and detail we really need to put into our finals. I think it's going to take a lot of work, but i'm excited to see how everyone's turns out in the long run. The semester's almost over, but every class i'm still surprised by all the creativity. No matter what time was chosen, someone had a different idea of what was done then, so everyone had a different way of showing it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Class today was enjoyable as always. I'm gonna miss the bi-weekly rounds of wizz-bang. I was surprised hoe accurate we were able to guess most of the times, and i thought it was pretty challaneging to think about not only how you do a task, but how you do it depending on the time.


Class today was tough because everyone had to do a lot to narrow down a specific time and even then it was difficult. This made the activity hard for most of us because we really had to be specific and use generalizations for most people to help the audience better identify a time. This was very helpful though in preparing us for our finals.

Class Today

The activity that we did in class today was interesting to watch because with many of the times people picked they had to add so much detail to reveal what time it was. I enjoyed watching the ones that picked difficult times because they had very detailed actions that they did when acting out their time.

Thanksgiving Break and Final Project

It was tough to come back from thanksgiving break, but with only having 3 more weeks left of school I know I can see this through. Great class today especially with us getting an even better idea of what the final will be like. After seeing and hearing Fabio grill Corey about his exercise I know now that I have a great deal of work to do with my partner on our final.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I definately found it hard to come back! I am looking foreward to our final projects, though. It seems that they are going to be a lot of work, but something that is going to be fun during finals week.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Final Projects

I am suppper pumped for our final projects! Everyone in the class comes up with such creative ideas so I am excited to see what they stir up this time! I think it will be fun to develop such deep characters and create any type of conflict we want!


Break was great! I went out to Arizona and Californina to ride 4-wheelers in the Dunes. Definitely something new for me. I'm not so excited for these last two weeks of school....lots of work. Hope Christmas comes soon!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007


thanksgiving break was awesome! im really glad we had class on tuesday morning though! i think that going through eachothers skits for our final was a very good idea. i liked that we got feed back on what we could do that would make it better. i hope everyone had a good break! i know i did. it was long due for a time of relaxing and i think everyone was getting tired of doing their school work. i hope the break did all of us well so that we can come in ready to act for our next class!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I felt a lot better after class yesterday with regards to our final. We got a lot of insight and help with where are projects need to go. I am looking forward to our finals and yesterday I thought everyone did a really good job in class. I thought Brian's group was really funny and I couldn't tell whether that was genius or bust but either way I was laughing.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I was glad to get my second paper back and see that I did well. Also it was great to get an even deeper insight for our final project. Now knowing what I know I have a better grasp of what I want to do for my character and my scene.
I think that our finals are going to be good times. When we first got the assignment, I thought that they would be easy, but now I know that it is going to involve quite a bit of work on my part, but I still think that it will be the most enjoyable final of college thuss far.

Monday, November 19, 2007

I am really excited for our finals. I think the hardest part is coming up with the story line. We have sort of picked out what are characters are doing and how they know each other, but it is really hard to make the whole thing work. Then after we figure all that out we are going to have to find some way to make it obvious what we are feeling.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I am really pumped for our final. I think it will be a little bit of work but I think it is going to be a lot of fun. I was reminded again of how difficult acting can be and how you really have to put yourself in the right frame of mind to be successful. To really portray sutle gestures and moods I am finding is really very tough for me.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Great class today. I was glad we got to start on our final and I feel that my partner and I are making great head way. Also it was fun to do the door exercise again and it was also it was a plus to make everyone laugh when I did the exercise.
Im really excited to see how everyone's final projects turn out. I have already heard of a lot of creative ideas from many of the goups and I am really excited to see how their final scences turn out. Im glad that we get time to work on them in class. This will be very helpful to those who have busy and conflicting schedules!
So i'm sitting in a hotel lobby in Grand Rapids, MI. It's "study tables" time. Our team is sooo good at studying....more than half our watching Ellen or coloring. Anyway, class on Tuesday was pretty uneventful. I am excited to get started on my final though. Those words do not usually come out in that order very often. Hopefully it turns out good.
in class we just talked about the play which most of us did not like. I did not like the singing. I just liked Ecpecting Isabel too much and the two plays were so different.
I enjoyed seeing the musical. Was a nice way to get out of the dorm room and to see something that was entertaining. i am a little sad that there are no more shows between now and the end of the semester but i am sure there will be plenty of opportunities to see some next semester.
I really enjoyed discussing the play last class. I think I like being a critic, but since this class has progressed I watch acting in a new way. I have a new appreciation for how difficult it is to get a certain message across to an audience. That makes play watching more enjoyable for me.
I really enjoyed the discussion in class today. When I watched the play I wanted someone to discuss the acting and other aspects of the play with, but it just was not there. I kind of forgot about it until I got to class. It was really fun for me to hear other people’s opinions on the play. I can’t wait to get started on our finals it should be really fun.


Class was really informative for me on Tuesday. I enjoyed our discussion on Broadway and was glad to get some more information on our final projects. I liked the Secret Garden but I think it was agreed upon that it was too difficult to follow. Oh and for the record I was not sleeping in class just day dreaming but I heard what Dr. Polanco was saying lol.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The discussion we had today over the secret garden was pretty interesting. I did notice a trend though of Fabio having to defend or explain almost every aspect of the play, which made me laugh a little. The curtain being ripped down was by far the coolest thing. Kudos Blaine and Janice on the hair cut/color
Great class today. I enjoyed getting to hear every one's thoughts on the Secret Garden. Most of which I had the same feeling about. Also I was glad we got to have a little more insight on what we will actually be doing for our final.

Secret Garden

I enjoy when we analyze the plays that we see, I guess I just love being a critic. I also like to here what other students took away from the play. It is funny that we do take a lot of the mess ups and bring them up in class, but I do believe that because when we're there we're not necessarily there for enjoyment, more or less for analyzing. So therefore we do pick up the mistakes cause we are in fact looking for them.

Secret Garden

Not to keep focusing on the screw ups in the play, but something else I remebered was when Mary lost her hair clip accidentally on stage. There is no way she could have prevented or anticipated that. Since I was so close I heard it hit the stage, could see it lying on the ground, and noticed her hair flying everywhere when she was acting afterwards. She did a great job of playing it off and not focusing any attention to it, and I bet most of the audience did'nt even notice. But some of the other actors would look at the hair clip on the ground instead of ignoring it. When she ran off stage at the end of the scene she grabbed it very discretely.
Class was very informative today! I enjoyed talking about broadway and traveling productions because I had a lot of questions. Im also excited about our final projects! Im sure they are all going to turn out very good!
i really enjoyed the activity that we did in class with the door and pretending that we were in a situation that we were really not. It was really fun and it seemed that is what acting is all about and kind of what i was expecting to do when i first came into the class. So it was neat to see some of my expectations that i had for the class to be done!!!! I thought that Expecting Isabel was way better than the secret garden because of the props and the singing!!!!
I saw the Secret Garden on Thursday, and thought that it was pretty impressive. Visually it was cool and that definately contributed to the play as a whole. It took me a little while to understand what was going on because they just jumped right in to a complex storyline, and there was no narrator this time around. Overall, though, I enjoyed myself.
I though class on Thursday was fun. It always is more nerve racking when we do things by ourselves. I had to be mad at my parents and get sent to my room. That has not happened to me in a long time so it was a bit hard for me to remember what it was like. I don’t feel like I make an angry face when I am mad I just kind of walk away and fiddle with my hands. I am really excited for our projects. I think they are going to be really fun, and it will be weird because we have never really practiced for any of the stuff we do. It should be interesting.
I can not wait for the final projects!!! It is going to be a blast to watch everyone doing it. Seeing all of what we have done prior to this, will be incredible. I hope that my partner and I do not disappoint y'all.

Sunday, November 11, 2007


I am really excited for our final project. I really think Blaine and I will work well together and I look forward to putting our project together. I liked what we did in class Thursday. The attention to detail is something I am really starting to enjoy because everyone is getting comfortable and starting to improve a lot which is great to see.

Friday, November 9, 2007

our projects

I think that our final project is going to be extremely fun and funny! ever since we got our partners and what our lines are going to be I have been thinking about what to do for the final project. I have come up with so many ideas i dont know where to begin! i cant wait to finally start working on putting everything that we have learned into our final.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

I went to see the play tonight! I really enjoyed it! I thought the stage design and costuming was awesome! I was also suppppppper impressed with Mary Allison because she did an awesome job playing Mary Lennox. For those of you that havent seen the play yet its a little long but still very enjoyable!
So today was a pretty normal fun day. Watching rob slide across the floor of his "cave" was really funny. However, acting the part of a new dad was kinda weird. it got me thinking about alot of things. maybe i do wanna be a dad someday...weird! anyway, should be fun to work with Lindsi on the final, good luck everyone!

Class today

Class today was pretty fun, its' always nerveracking, at least for me, to draw things out of the "paint can." I'm always worried that I'm gonna get something ridiculous like Hotel Room Massacre, or what ever that one was. I think it's funny how a lot of us pick violent things, maybe because we're so used to seeing it on tv/movies that we are comfortable acting out the scenes since we've seen them so much. I'm anxious to see how the finals turn out too, I think they can be quite good.
Class was fun today. I agree with Brian, it's nerve-racking to draw an activity out of the paint can. When you get to come up with your own and act it out, you have a predetermined idea of what to do. However, when you draw an activity, it's on the spot, causing a little more stress. I'm excited to get started on our final scenes...and the musical tonight....hope it's good.
Great class today. It was fun to do the enter/exit exercise and really just focus on what happened before. It was little tough for me with having to pretend I had my wisdom teeth taken out since I have never needed them to be.
I was not in class on tuesday, but i heard that walking through the door was pretty amazing! haha....but class on Thursday went suprisingly well! Our track athlete act went well and it was pretty fun! Alll in all by the end of the semester i have to not laugh during acting!
I thought that last class was a lot of fun. It was interesing to me to see what people would come up with for the "coming from one place, going to another" exercise. It is tricky to get the idea in your head of what to do, and to execute it effectively. Something might make sense in your own mind, but may not translate to the audience. I am realling enjoying this recent series of exercises.
Class Tuesday was really fun. I liked seeing what the other students would come up with for the entrance exercise. I found it easy to come up with an idea but hard to figure out how to make it clear to the others what i was doing. Todays class should be fun, I am really looking forward to it.


I really enjoyed class on Tuesday. I had a really tough time coming up with a way to enter and exit though. I don't know why other than for some reason I struggle coming up with ideas for some of the activities we do in class. I really think though we are getting a lot better because everyone understands a little more as to what acting is. I have found that this has been the case for me.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I thought the door things were really interesting. Some people it was really easy for me to see what they were doing and others it was kind of difficult. But, either way I think we are getting much better and seeing where we are and showing the audience because we know where we are. It is funny how strange that would sound to people who don’t know much about acting, but I actually understand that it is important.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today was another great day. I really enjoyed the Door scenes we did. it felt more real having an actual door to use. i could totally visualize what i was doing and see the walls of the hall way. Special Kudos to Ashley for getting dressed infront of the class 4 times!
Class today was pretty fun. Once I left, I finally figured out what the confusion was with my "exit and entrance." If someone pictures what you're doing in another way, they won't fully understand what you're doing. It kind of ties into what Ashley said. Everyone thinks of different things, so when I imagine leaving the lockeroom, I see the purple door we run out of, take a quick couple left turns and we're entering the gym. If you haven't been to our gym then you wouldn't see it that way. You might think lockeroom door...BAM....gym. Thanks for sticking up for me guys....Fabio, come to a game! :)
I am still amazed at the creativity that everyone has within our class. Every time we do an activity I think that we are all going to think of similar things but that never happens. Its so much fun to just sit and watch all of the different ideas that everyone comes up with. I will have to say that this is by far my most enjoyable class :)
Class was amazing today. I have to admit the highlight of it was when Brian was riding Rob like a horse and he was stabbing people. I hope we can have more of that crazy fun time.


I'd have to say that riding Rob like a horse and swinging an invisible sword felt amazing. I cant beleive Rob did'nt get too tired and callapse, though. He did good. This class is amazing.
Thursdays class was a blast. it was so cool to do my little play and to see what other people did. I wounder what we will be doing today, if it is anything like the past couple classes it is going to be so cool.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I really enjoyed class on Thursday. It was really strange, because I got nervous to do our scene. I have never been nervous to do something in this class. I think that because we were supposed to prepare and because it was a longer scene. Once we just got up and did it I found it really easy. I really enjoyed watching everyone else do theirs also. It has got to the point where we are actually fun and interesting to watch because the acting is good (at the beginning of class it was funny because it was so strange to everyone). I can’t wait to see what we do next.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I thought that class was a blast today. I went on Tuesday so today I got to kick back, relax, and watch some great acting. I thought that every scene was well done and very fun for me to watch. I liked how just the simple scenario of talking about the neighbors, or being on a family vacation was so fun to watch. This class never ceases to amaze me.

Friday, November 2, 2007


I think everyone did a great job; We have all improved so much since the begining of the year. Also, everyone is able to make it funny and do a good job at following the instructions at the same time and keeping it somewhat realistic. I'm axcited to see Blaine's skit on Tuesday.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

It was a great class today. I really enjoyed doing my scene today in class. I guess it shows that I have the potential to really do well in acting. Everyone did really well today and I hope this is something we can do again.
I thought class went well today! It was very enjoyable to watch everyone put what they had created in motion. It was not as easy as it looked but I thought everyone did a great job! I found it interesting how different all of the scences were because when we first started this activity I thought that they would all be very similar. It was awesome how different they all turned out! It just shows how creative everyone is!

Group Activity

I thought all the groups did a really nice job today. Brian and Lauren were really funny and I don't think any of us really forced the conversation too much. I thought that most everyone was aware of the audience and while not all of us hit all the objects I think we all stayed in character even though at certain times things did get rather humourus.
I thought all the groups did really well in class today. My favorite probably when Matt faked the knee injury. It was the first time we really got to see his personality in his acting. He was really quick to his feet in coming up with ways to pick up Jenna. I also liked Ashley and Cory's scene. Their conversation didn't seem forced at all and it related to what they were doing. They really portrayed scene well. Can't wait for Tuesday.....


I really like dealing with place in class, as far as distinguishing where you are at to the audience. I think it's a very necessary skill in acting to be able to portray where you are at, possibly one of the most important. I also like distinguishing relationships, whether it's brothers, friends, or a guy trying to get with a girl. We either have been in those relationships or we know someone who has which helps the audience relate to the scene. Also I actually did like the substance acting today, how we shaped something out of the substance then passed it along, I thought that was pretty cool.
I had a lot of fun last class. I thought creating a scene was actually quite difficult, but I think the used-car scenerio went well. I found that even when I was planning out things to do when I went on stage, they did not happen the way that I planned. I felt that the scene moved quickly and I was just trying to keep up and keep it honest.


I really liked class tuesday. I am glad we are getting to the talking and acting at the same time. I think it is going to be harder but a lot more fun. I really like though how the course has gone because I think the professor has prepared us for this. I can't wait to see the other groups tomorrow and go myself with my awesome partner lol.
I am not to sure how this is going to work with the floor plan exercise. It seems easy but i am not sure how well my partners and mine is going to be. I hope it goes over well and that everyone is able to understate were we are.
So this new exercise where we draw out our own floor plan seems to be pretty fun, its like were creating our own little world and we can put in it whatever we want, whatever emotion we want, and whatever situation we want. it should prove to be a challenge, but a fun one at that