Thursday, September 20, 2007

I really liked being able to talk today in our excercizes...i think that this is a new concept that will take some getting used to and i know that personally i will have to work on not abusing it...and i never wanna do the Carlton Dance again
I liked how towards the end of class we are started exercises where we can speak. While doing many of the non-verbal exercises it has been tough for me to be quiet because they were exercises where generally in real life we would talk. Other than that good class today.


Today was especially exciting for me because we have finally begun to start speaking. However, when I acted out the scene with my group I was completely unsure of what I wanted to say. I noticed that I was focusing on other things like the reality of what I was doing. That made it awkward at times because I felt like I should say something but didn't know what. It was definately different being allowed to talk, because that is a whole new aspect of what we're doing. There are more things to focus on. Perhaps I was silenced for too long and will never be the same.
The game we played with the circle and you had to find the leader was pretty sweet. The acting was pretty cool to, just basically what I expected out of the class except I thought their would be props. It is interesting to see what everyone comes up with.
The circle game that we played was really fun, trying to figure out the leader!! A lot of the acting we do without objects is difficult, but challenging in a fun way. It is mostly difficul to think of something to do!!!