Thursday, September 27, 2007

I really enjoyed doing the improv today in class and also watching others do it to. Not only was it a good laugh but it allowed us all to dive into our creative sides because all we knew was our relationship to the leader and they only knew what they were doing.


Doing the ages was a lot of fun. I got an age that was fun to do and not too difficult either. It makes it tough though to do something like that when we get a middle age because some of us don't know how to relate to that age. Doing the roller coaster activity was fun but it was tough to follow all the movements of everyone else because it was tough to see the other person.
Class lately has been pretty enjoyable. The acting of the ages was pretty difficult for those of us who had ages between 40 and 60ish. It is interesting to see everyone's different interpretations of everything. Class goes very fast when we do some sort of acting.