Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Class today was enjoyable as always. I'm gonna miss the bi-weekly rounds of wizz-bang. I was surprised hoe accurate we were able to guess most of the times, and i thought it was pretty challaneging to think about not only how you do a task, but how you do it depending on the time.


Class today was tough because everyone had to do a lot to narrow down a specific time and even then it was difficult. This made the activity hard for most of us because we really had to be specific and use generalizations for most people to help the audience better identify a time. This was very helpful though in preparing us for our finals.

Class Today

The activity that we did in class today was interesting to watch because with many of the times people picked they had to add so much detail to reveal what time it was. I enjoyed watching the ones that picked difficult times because they had very detailed actions that they did when acting out their time.

Thanksgiving Break and Final Project

It was tough to come back from thanksgiving break, but with only having 3 more weeks left of school I know I can see this through. Great class today especially with us getting an even better idea of what the final will be like. After seeing and hearing Fabio grill Corey about his exercise I know now that I have a great deal of work to do with my partner on our final.
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I definately found it hard to come back! I am looking foreward to our final projects, though. It seems that they are going to be a lot of work, but something that is going to be fun during finals week.