Wednesday, September 12, 2007


I found the exercises on tuesday relatively difficult. i've finally got the hang of blocking out the whole acting thing and actually trying to feel what i'm supposed to be doing, but it's still kind of hard for me. i found that during the tug-o-war exercise i was thinking, "win win win" the whole time, because naturally if it were real, that's what i'd be thinking. however that mind frame didn't work, because my partner clearly wasn't thinking "lose lose lose." so i definitely need to pay attention to what the other person is doing to during these activities....
I really enjoyed the exercise were we had to either dig a hole, paint a wal, etc. as a group. It made me realize that I when I actually have an object in my hand like a shovel I never sit back and think about how I'm using it. I just use it. I really think that trying to dig a whole without a shovel was harder than tug of war b/c you had to put so much more movement into it. That is something that I would like to try again because it really gets you thinking about everything.


I thought the rope exercise was very difficult. I could not quite figure out how to make it look like I was off balance. You had to lean back and pull, but you could not actually pull or you would fall back. I also could not get holding my hands in the right way or really any of it. But I enjoyed the mirror exercises again. I thought it was cool when we did it with two groups at the same time. Even though we did not start out doing stuff together, sometimes we ended up acting as a group.