Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I enjoyed class more today. Pulling an item out of the substance and using it was fun, a little awkward, but i enjoyed it. also, messing with the substance was interesting, i wonder what this leads too....the comic factor of class is still highly enjoyable
i really enjoyed class today. i liked that i could actually see what i was pulling out of the substance. i put my mind to it and imagined what i was pulling out and i guess it worked! i hope we get to do more activities like that in class because i really enjoyed trying to see the object that i was using or holding.
I thought todays activity of dealing with a substance was pretty difficult. I was trying to imagine what I would actually do if I was dealing with something like that but I still found it challenging to deal with the weight of the substance. Over all I thought the class did a very good job at this activity.
it was nice to that relaxed Thursday in class but it left me feeling very vulnerable and week when i tried to stand up. it took me a long time to be able to walk right. it did feel nice though when we were doing the exercise.
Expecting Isabel was a really good play. It was really interesting to see how acting is done without props and how a couple people played two different characters. Class was veryt interesting last week, when we relaxed on the floor...it was relaxing, but a little boring but its cool, cause i was really tired! i thought it was relaxing though!
I was definately relaxed in class on Thursday. It was really nice, and I found the whole experience to be very interesting. I remember at the part where we were leaning against the tangible space I found that I was starting to sway, and it was kind of like feeling drunk. Overall though I felt relaxed for the remainder of the day.