Tuesday, December 4, 2007

i think our final is going to be hard. my partner and i did our skit today and have completely new ideas on how we should act. I never knew how incredibly hard it is to match what your saying and how your saying it with a particular word. I think the matching of what our actions are and how we will recite them to the audience.
I have to agree with my fellow classmates. It will certainly be a tough day for me to walk away from this class after the final. Also Stacy and my scene is moving along nicely I hope we can go thursday so we can get all of it polished for next weeks exam.

P.S. Loved Ben's Kramer impression
Ben, I dont care what everyone else thought. I loved the Kosmo Kramer! The goups did well today. Its weird that almost al of these skits are based on a couple in a broken relationship. Its kinda depressing. Speaking of depressing, I cant beleive that we only have potential to play whiz-bang one or two more times.......who all wants to take this class next semester again for no credit?
The final for this class is a little nerve racking. It is not hard per say there is just a lot that you have to consider when you are doing it. The character bio and all that other stuff, all in all though i am still having fun in the class.
So it was nerve-wrecking doing our scene last time. I am definately glad that we did so we could get some of the staging down. I am sad though because thiss class is coming to and end. It is something that I am definately going to miss next semester!
This is a sad week in the city of ashland. WE have only two more regular classes. This has been an awesome class though. Fabio is the shiz and so are all you classmates!