Thursday, October 18, 2007

Well, what to say about today...sort of a complete course change from where we were. I liked what we were doing up until now, the acting and speaking and having fun. This seems sort of dry and intense at the same time. I have never been one to grasp abstract concepts or to really enjoy the meditative, introspective side of things. What we did today was relaxing no doubt, but i think most of the significance was lost on me. Like Blaine, i was unable to "feel" the substance we were in. Abstract concepts elude me, as do abstract compounds
Class was amazing today. I hope we can do the meditation exercise during every class. I was really relaxed after class that I had to take a nap before my next class started. For me when we started to move around and then pretended that the substance was holding our weight I really could feel like it was holding me up that it had total control of my body.However when I had to have control again I had a hard time stay up and keeping my body straight.
Todays class was awesome! I REALLY enjoyed the meditation exercise. It was cool to actually feel parts of your body sinking into the floor. At one point I even felt like I was floating. When we were imagining being in the place that we love it felt like I was actually there with that special person. I could feel the texture of their hand and everything that was going on around me! When we were dealing with the substance, I actually felt like it was holding me up. It was an amazing feeling. I hope we do more exercises like this in class!


i thought todays class was very different. I think that if i were not sick it would have been very relaxing and enjoyable. I can see that meditation is a very important factor in people's lives. It helps them calm and relax their minds and their muscles. I would like to do this activity again. I hope next time when we do this activity I am feeling better for it so I can get feel the difference and the effects that it has on my body and mind. I really liked the fact that we did something different in the class also. Once again this class has done somthing different that none of my other classes have done.
I thought the play was enjoyable, which I suppose is a very important element to a play because without it the message the author is attempting to communicate is not heard. The actors knew their characters very well, and they could emphasize the emotions and the ideas of that character well.
I really wish all my other classes would take the structure of this one. It's such a stress free class. Paper here or there, and then activities the rest of the time. You do your blog every week and "tada" you're done. Instead I'm getting up early to cram for yet another test......I can't wait for class today, to relax a little bit before my midterm...Hope its a good day of class!