Thursday, October 18, 2007

Todays class was awesome! I REALLY enjoyed the meditation exercise. It was cool to actually feel parts of your body sinking into the floor. At one point I even felt like I was floating. When we were imagining being in the place that we love it felt like I was actually there with that special person. I could feel the texture of their hand and everything that was going on around me! When we were dealing with the substance, I actually felt like it was holding me up. It was an amazing feeling. I hope we do more exercises like this in class!

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Ben Tracey said...

The meditation exercise was interesting. I have actually done that same exercise before, so I knew what to expect. This time around I felt like I understood everything a little better. I enjoy the relaxing part. I think I might have fell asleep for like 5 seconds. I remember how relaxed I felt. It is the most relaxed I have been since school started back up. However, I still wish we could jump back into the acting becuase it wakes me up for the day.