Thursday, October 11, 2007

Class was fun today. I was glad we got to do the exercise where one person is on the stage doing something and then 3 more come in and then the scene gets all crazy(good times). I hope we can do the press conference thing again. It looked like a great deal of fun to be up there.
First off, the picture down below.....HILARIOUS!!!! I think you've been holding back on us Fabio! You ought to show us a thing or two in class on Tuesday. But on a serious note...class was so much fun today. It was really unpredictable and entertaining. It's so nice to get comfortable with everyone in the class and see what fun personalities everyone has.
Class was VERY interesting today! Not only is it fun to participate in the different activities but its also fun to just sit back and watch everyone! I en joyed the activity that we did today that involves one person starting something on stage and then the rest of the group comming on and doing something totally different! You defintley have to be on your toes because you never know what your group will come up with! The press conference was fun to and VERY unpredictable, but isnt that what acting is all about? :)
I thought class on Tuesday was interesting because of the new things we did. I found the eating at the table exercise to be kind of hard because there were so many things to do at a time. We had to watch the other people for the height of the table, eat (and chew food), and talk. I found it really hard to concentrate on all the things at the same time.

Expecting Isabel

How bout that play huh. I cant wait till we start acting out sex scenes.... . Anyway, I thought the play was alright, since they constantly tried to make it funny. Though it seemed really long it was the easiest play I have ever had to sit through. Also, on a complete side note I cant wait to see Fabio's commercial.
I agree, class Tuesday was fun. It's hard to get your mind to focus on what you do when you eat, when you're not really eating. For example, chewing, holding your food, the table height. It's crazy to think about how important all these simple factors are to acting. If you don't do one of those correctly or even at all, then you're not really portraying what you think you are.

class Tuesday

Class tuesday was a lot of fun but definately the toughest for me. The reason was because I was laughing a lot and made it harder for me to focus. I have to remember to focus on the objective and have fun but make an honest effort to do my best.