Thursday, November 29, 2007

Funk DADDY and myself... we gonna tear it up. Nuff said... haha. I am excited, this is going to be fun!
Class today was pretty cool, but should I expect anything less? It's always a good time. Today a good competitive game of whizbang got me going. Something about that game. But I really liked that starting activity that we did today. Once we got it down an understood to directly identify the people it was very enjoyable. I also thought it is pretty neat how detailed Fabio wants us to be about the skits. I understand that it is much more difficult knowing all those details. But it changes the whole perception of the skits and the difference it is making it clear in class.
I really feel like my final partner and I are getting far in our project. However it was really good to see others go today and see their's because it help me better figure out how to better attack mine and seeing that my partner still have some way to go.
so i have a swim meet this week/weekend and i cant make any of my classes on thursday and friday...this morning was so different without theater class. my schedule was just not right without theater in my day. weird sounding i know but it was wierd not having the class. I hope everyone had a wonderful class and i will be back on tuesday!
We started working more details of our skit. We have a good back story and have decided a lot about it, but it is really hard to have all of that come out in our skit without saying any of it. I am looking forward to figuring out some more of what we are going to do.