Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Used Car Lot

Lindsey did a great job today at the used car lot. It was fun to ad lib the whole bit and make up the dialogue. I could have used the invisible props a little better probably. For a second I started opeing the door the opposite direction as I did earlier. I'm excited to see everyone elses scenes.

Tuesday's Class

Class today went into a little bit more depth then we have gone in previous classes. We are dealing with objects in a room, and dealing with eachother through relationships. The two groups did a really good job showing us, the audience, where they were and how they dealt with objects even though they weren't even there. Brian's and Lindsey's was especially funny also, but at the same time they made very few mistakes, they didn't walk through cars or doors or anything of that nature. Therefore making the scene that much more believable.
I thought that so far both the car lot and the laundry place were both very creative scenes. They were very enjoyable to watch! Im excited to see everyone else's as well. Its fun to see how different a scene can be based upon the relationship that the 2 people have and were they are located. Its also enjoyable to watch all the improv that goes on between the two characters! Hopefully thursdays scences will be just as interesting to watch!
I enjoyed class today. Especially getting to see my grade and then knowing I am doing well in the class. I just hope my scene exercise goes as well as the rest did.
Class is getting better and better every class. I am a little worried as to what the final will be like but with what we are learning it should not be that hard.