Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I thought that so far both the car lot and the laundry place were both very creative scenes. They were very enjoyable to watch! Im excited to see everyone else's as well. Its fun to see how different a scene can be based upon the relationship that the 2 people have and were they are located. Its also enjoyable to watch all the improv that goes on between the two characters! Hopefully thursdays scences will be just as interesting to watch!

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Ben Tracey said...

Today's class was really great. Everyone that acted out did a really good job, especially the used car lot. At first I thought the exercise was going to be hard, But my group came up with a good idea. After watching the first two groups I think it is going to be a little easier than I originally anticipated. One of the components of the class is being able to be comfortable in front of everyone and I think we have established a good comfort level in the class.