Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Used Car Lot

Lindsey did a great job today at the used car lot. It was fun to ad lib the whole bit and make up the dialogue. I could have used the invisible props a little better probably. For a second I started opeing the door the opposite direction as I did earlier. I'm excited to see everyone elses scenes.


rklenk said...

i thought that brian and lindsey did a great job with the used car lot. when i had to go i found out that it was much harder than i thought it would be to hold a conversation cause i had nothing to talk about

kris kennedy said...

I think that the stand was set high with the used car lot act. This activity has to be a challenge and brian and lindsey did a great job. I am ready to see the other acts and see what situations everyone else has come up with. That is one of the most interesting parts to me because that sets a tone for the entire act.

Cirila said...

Good for people to know.