Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Play

The play was really good. I liked talking about it Tuesday in class just to hear some different view points on it. I appreciated this play a lot because I got to see people deal with the same things we deal with in class everyday and see these guys deal with it and do it extremely well was fun to watch.
It was very interesting to hear the thoughts and reactions from those that went to the play. I found it very enjoyable! Many people brought things to my attention that I normally wouldn't have thought about. Over all, I thought the play was fantastic and I am excited to go and watch more productions put on here at Ashland. I also did not realize that talent that we have here at AU! I was very impressed! :)
I really enjoyed the play, so talking about it today in class was good times. I really thought that all of the actors involved did a wonderful job and I had very little to say in the way of criticism. I think this exxperience is going to lead me to check out some other AU productions. I didn't realize that we have so much talent at such a small school