Monday, October 22, 2007

I enjoyed class on Thursday. I have done relaxation before but I never really enjoyed it like this. I could actually feel my body relaxing as we did each part. For me the hardest spot to relax was my lower back. It seemed very strained. It took us a long time to get through all the relaxing part, but it was almost like it took very little time to me. I am excited to see what things we do next.


The activity we did on Thursday was great. I really enjoyed it and it helped me let go of all my stress and not worry about anything for a bit. It was something I needed and something that I am glad I know how to do because now I feel like I will be able to handle stress I get a little bit better, and I have a better understanding of where the stress tends to build up in my own body. The activity also allowed me to get in a mind set to where I was reacting and not thinking about how to do something which was really different
The relaxation activity we did was amazing. I've experienced something similar to that before but was unable to let myself relax. In class i was able to though. I loved it. My life has been so stressful lately and that activity really helped for about an hour.... I was able to let myself go and quit worrying about everything around me. it actually felt like my body was under the floor...not trapped, just floating, like i was supposed to be there. When we were supposed to be with the person who means the most to us and discover the answer to whatever we were looking for, i almost lost it. My eyes filled up with water because it's definitely something i'm struggling with right now. When we had to imagine walking through a substance, i thoroughly felt like i was. it kind of blew my mind because i'd never been able to focus in that way before.