Monday, October 22, 2007

I enjoyed class on Thursday. I have done relaxation before but I never really enjoyed it like this. I could actually feel my body relaxing as we did each part. For me the hardest spot to relax was my lower back. It seemed very strained. It took us a long time to get through all the relaxing part, but it was almost like it took very little time to me. I am excited to see what things we do next.


Blaine said...

Ok here comes the honest truth. I did not get along with class on Tursday. I can't be sittin still like that. I just don't have enough patience, and I am an anxious person... so I was really flippin out. Gotta deal with it i guess

rklenk said...

i thought the class on thursday was really cool..... i love to relax like that and zone out. As an athlete i need to be able to relax and focus all my energy to one thing that is why i enjoyed the activity