Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today was another great day. I really enjoyed the Door scenes we did. it felt more real having an actual door to use. i could totally visualize what i was doing and see the walls of the hall way. Special Kudos to Ashley for getting dressed infront of the class 4 times!
Class today was pretty fun. Once I left, I finally figured out what the confusion was with my "exit and entrance." If someone pictures what you're doing in another way, they won't fully understand what you're doing. It kind of ties into what Ashley said. Everyone thinks of different things, so when I imagine leaving the lockeroom, I see the purple door we run out of, take a quick couple left turns and we're entering the gym. If you haven't been to our gym then you wouldn't see it that way. You might think lockeroom door...BAM....gym. Thanks for sticking up for me guys....Fabio, come to a game! :)
I am still amazed at the creativity that everyone has within our class. Every time we do an activity I think that we are all going to think of similar things but that never happens. Its so much fun to just sit and watch all of the different ideas that everyone comes up with. I will have to say that this is by far my most enjoyable class :)
Class was amazing today. I have to admit the highlight of it was when Brian was riding Rob like a horse and he was stabbing people. I hope we can have more of that crazy fun time.


I'd have to say that riding Rob like a horse and swinging an invisible sword felt amazing. I cant beleive Rob did'nt get too tired and callapse, though. He did good. This class is amazing.
Thursdays class was a blast. it was so cool to do my little play and to see what other people did. I wounder what we will be doing today, if it is anything like the past couple classes it is going to be so cool.