Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Class today was pretty fun. Once I left, I finally figured out what the confusion was with my "exit and entrance." If someone pictures what you're doing in another way, they won't fully understand what you're doing. It kind of ties into what Ashley said. Everyone thinks of different things, so when I imagine leaving the lockeroom, I see the purple door we run out of, take a quick couple left turns and we're entering the gym. If you haven't been to our gym then you wouldn't see it that way. You might think lockeroom door...BAM....gym. Thanks for sticking up for me guys....Fabio, come to a game! :)

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kris kennedy said...

I thought class was pretty interesting on tuesday. I really enjoy doing the activity that we all enter and add our own part. It shows the creativity of our class room. But it also shows the multiple ways that each person in the room can view a scene or situation. And due to the way the scene is viewed, it affects the part each new person adds to it. I just think its cool how it all adds up and works together to make one complete act.