Sunday, September 23, 2007


Talking was a very strange thing to add to our acting. In normal conversation talking seems so natural and unavoidable, but when we added it to acting it was very strained and awkward. I thought about everything I said, and wondered if that is how I would actually act in a real situation. I think adding talking to our acting is going to be fun but a lot of work.

mixed thoughts

I really like the new warm-up exercise because it is something new and I think it wakes you us more than stretching. I was a little embarrassed when I didnt guess the leader within the first three tries and had to go out in the hall again. But then after the exercise was over I realized who really cares...Then when we drew from the box what we had to act out I over dramatized. I think that is going to be very difficult for some people because you want your viewer to know what your doing. I do like drawing from the box though. Lastly I think its going to also be difficult for us beginning to add conversation into our acting. Alot of people are going to laugh which will make the actors laugh as well. I hope this new addition of speech goes well!