Thursday, November 8, 2007

I went to see the play tonight! I really enjoyed it! I thought the stage design and costuming was awesome! I was also suppppppper impressed with Mary Allison because she did an awesome job playing Mary Lennox. For those of you that havent seen the play yet its a little long but still very enjoyable!
So today was a pretty normal fun day. Watching rob slide across the floor of his "cave" was really funny. However, acting the part of a new dad was kinda weird. it got me thinking about alot of things. maybe i do wanna be a dad someday...weird! anyway, should be fun to work with Lindsi on the final, good luck everyone!

Class today

Class today was pretty fun, its' always nerveracking, at least for me, to draw things out of the "paint can." I'm always worried that I'm gonna get something ridiculous like Hotel Room Massacre, or what ever that one was. I think it's funny how a lot of us pick violent things, maybe because we're so used to seeing it on tv/movies that we are comfortable acting out the scenes since we've seen them so much. I'm anxious to see how the finals turn out too, I think they can be quite good.
Class was fun today. I agree with Brian, it's nerve-racking to draw an activity out of the paint can. When you get to come up with your own and act it out, you have a predetermined idea of what to do. However, when you draw an activity, it's on the spot, causing a little more stress. I'm excited to get started on our final scenes...and the musical tonight....hope it's good.
Great class today. It was fun to do the enter/exit exercise and really just focus on what happened before. It was little tough for me with having to pretend I had my wisdom teeth taken out since I have never needed them to be.
I was not in class on tuesday, but i heard that walking through the door was pretty amazing! haha....but class on Thursday went suprisingly well! Our track athlete act went well and it was pretty fun! Alll in all by the end of the semester i have to not laugh during acting!
I thought that last class was a lot of fun. It was interesing to me to see what people would come up with for the "coming from one place, going to another" exercise. It is tricky to get the idea in your head of what to do, and to execute it effectively. Something might make sense in your own mind, but may not translate to the audience. I am realling enjoying this recent series of exercises.
Class Tuesday was really fun. I liked seeing what the other students would come up with for the entrance exercise. I found it easy to come up with an idea but hard to figure out how to make it clear to the others what i was doing. Todays class should be fun, I am really looking forward to it.


I really enjoyed class on Tuesday. I had a really tough time coming up with a way to enter and exit though. I don't know why other than for some reason I struggle coming up with ideas for some of the activities we do in class. I really think though we are getting a lot better because everyone understands a little more as to what acting is. I have found that this has been the case for me.