Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Todays discussion of the play was interesting. All in all i thought it was a great play, some people had some great points though. The acting was excellent for a college theater group i thought
I really enjoyed class today. It was a nice change to just sit and talk about the play we saw and our thoughts on it. I hope we get to have another day like that for the next one.
Last class was enjoyable... it was fun to switch the scene around. Playing a cop wasn't cool though, I felt like a total jerk. Haha... just kidding. But seriously!
Tuesday in class was really enjoyable. I think we are getting better at being a character. I feel like we know basically what that character is like. I think some of our impromptu is funny but it still needs some work. Most of us (maybe less Ashley) are simply talking as the character might and not adopting his mannerisms. But either way it is still really fun.
Today in class was some good times. I found out that acting as a prostitute is not my forte, but that is a good thing to know about myself. I like that after we did that exercise, we had a press conference after and we were still in character. That was very funny.
in class we never deal with a real prop. this helped me to understand the play when i say it this weekend. if i had not known ahead of time that that is one way you can do acting then i would have thought that the director was lazy and did not want to find the props or something.