Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I found it surprisingly hard to pick what space I wanted to be in. We had a lot of ideas, and each of them seemed like we could do a scene with them. But none of them seemed like they would be perfect. We eventually picked one that was pretty generic. Once we picked it I found it very easy to put things in there. It was not hard to pick the objects that would go in that particular room. I am a little nervous for what we will do when we actually do the acting part, but it should be fun.
Even though i did not get to perform our scene I still found it hard to come up with what we would do. I thought it was so hard figuring out what our space was going to be. We could pick from any space that we wanted and when we got the chance my mind went blank. I thought the groups that did get to go were very funny. Their scenes were both different and with a different conversation. I thought that everyone would do something similar but I was wrong. I hope that after everyone performs that we get to do more of this kind of acting so that we can begin to get prepared for our final acting scene.
Class was fun yesterday. It was difficult to remember when I picked something up and then to later put it down. I also had trouble figuring out how to make my clothes seem amazing without saying something directly about them. And P.S. Rob, if a girl that you're trying to get with asks you what you think about her underwear....I'd say something that makes you seem interested. lol jk jk