Sunday, October 7, 2007

My Weekend

This weekend I went to Chicago! It was a great trip and made me think alot about actors. I walked down the Navi Pier and there were Halloween themes set up. In the scenes there were many actors that were dressed in creepy costums. I was very intregued by them because they would change their voices and act differently depending on how old the people were who came to see or talk to them. I thought they had alot of talent. I then thought that they were probably from the acting school in Chicago because they looked young and like students. My weekend was very awesome and it was weird because if I wasnt in this theater class I would have never thought anything about the actors if I wasnt in this class.

Urgent: Blogging

Hello All,

The blogging is beginning to stray. I don't mind if you write about random things, like fishing, the Browns or recruitment, but from now on you have to tie it back to acting, theatre, something related to the subject of class.

Have a great weekend.

It's good to be a PATS fan. How dramatic it is to watch them beat the Browns.