Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Today was fun. I apparently suck at the circle game pretty bad. oh well. The acting is getting more fun now that we are doing more talking and role playing, as opposed to imagining an object...class is getting more fun all the time

Age Exercise

I thought everyone did a wonderful job today during the age/bus exercise. It was very enjoyable to watch and you could actually tell how old most people were portraying to be. When we were first writing down numbers I didnt realize what they were for but once we started the exercise, I really enjoyed it. I hope we do more activities like this soon!
i liked finally being able to be vocal in the acting we are doing. it makes it more interesting for me to watch the rest of the groups and makes things a lot harder because it is all improv. Not knowing exactly what the other actors in your group are going to next makes the whole experience that much more fun.

Last Class

I really enjoyed the group scenerio that we did last week. I think it is fun after all of the practicing and exercises that we did with things that were not actually there we could culminate all the ideas and put them together in a scene.