Thursday, October 11, 2007

I agree, class Tuesday was fun. It's hard to get your mind to focus on what you do when you eat, when you're not really eating. For example, chewing, holding your food, the table height. It's crazy to think about how important all these simple factors are to acting. If you don't do one of those correctly or even at all, then you're not really portraying what you think you are.


Jenna said...

Tuesday was really hard, I had no idea to act like i was trapped, or entangled in yarn. I mean who does that. But it was a good experience.

kris kennedy said...

Tuesday was pretty challenging for me, i didn’t have any difficultly with the acting part, but rather it was more of a mental challenge. I often forgot what i was eating or even that i was supposed to keep eating at all. I am positive that my motions were not very accurate when it came to eating. I remember that i was holding my plate in place most of the time. Now that I think about that, who does that? I frequently got carried away in the conversation; it was very entertaining to me to act out the scene we selected. I’m sure with more similar exercises like this i can train my brain to be a little better at the multitasking while acting.