Tuesday, November 13, 2007

The discussion we had today over the secret garden was pretty interesting. I did notice a trend though of Fabio having to defend or explain almost every aspect of the play, which made me laugh a little. The curtain being ripped down was by far the coolest thing. Kudos Blaine and Janice on the hair cut/color


Janice McCloskey said...

haha thanks nick it was just a spur of the moment thing! well i wasnt in class on tuesday because i wasnt feeling well, but i cant wait to be inclass on thursday. i felt like my day just was not right without my theater class. i heard that we talked about the play so i am glad that i did not miss any acting or new techniques.

Blaine said...

Nice Nick... I am always up for comments. But thanks though for real. But the discussion was a better than I had anticipated. I figured out more things than I had innitially thought. I didn't like the play at first, but realizing the circumstances helped it out a bit.