Sunday, November 25, 2007


thanksgiving break was awesome! im really glad we had class on tuesday morning though! i think that going through eachothers skits for our final was a very good idea. i liked that we got feed back on what we could do that would make it better. i hope everyone had a good break! i know i did. it was long due for a time of relaxing and i think everyone was getting tired of doing their school work. i hope the break did all of us well so that we can come in ready to act for our next class!

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kris kennedy said...

Good call Janice, Thanksgiving break was much needed and very sweet. I hope everyone else had a good time as well. As I have to start shifting back in to school mode I am thinking about finals and final projects and I am more ready for the acting scene than any of the other ones. Its a enjoyable way to be "tested."