Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Whiz-Bang is definitely getting more intense, and I am going to miss it when the semester is over. I also am enjoying preparing for this final project, and finding that it is way more intense than I thought. I think they will all be fun to watch!


Ben Tracey said...

I am still amazed at how Whizbang can capture my excitement. Doing it with two is pretty crazy. It's exciting because people really get into it. The What Time Is It, I found to be very difficult. When you are doing something like working on a paper, it could really be anytime of day. You have to be so good at conveying what your body language is, and how you act. Overall, I thought everyone did really well with this.

kris kennedy said...

It is funny how a post about whizbang was up for today. Because last night i had a dream about Whizbang, awkward i know. To make it short, I was playing with a bunch of Whizbang rookies and it was driving me nuts. They could not catch on to any of the actions I kept explaning bloop and bang, etc.. Although i was angry in the dream i think its still pretty sweet.
I agree with Ben that i actually get glad to play whizbang, its the most random fun i know of. Simply crazydiculous.