Thursday, November 1, 2007

I thought class went well today! It was very enjoyable to watch everyone put what they had created in motion. It was not as easy as it looked but I thought everyone did a great job! I found it interesting how different all of the scences were because when we first started this activity I thought that they would all be very similar. It was awesome how different they all turned out! It just shows how creative everyone is!

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Janice McCloskey said...

I completely agree! i thought everyone did a very good job. I thought that at least one group would be kind of off track but we all did a very good job with our dialogue and acting things out. Everyone made their imaginary objects look very realistic! I really liked how funk and ashley talked to eachother like they would be talking in a real life situation. Sometimes people get worked up or scared when it come time to talk but both of them were very laid back and just talked to eachother as if there were not an audience.