Wednesday, November 7, 2007

I thought the door things were really interesting. Some people it was really easy for me to see what they were doing and others it was kind of difficult. But, either way I think we are getting much better and seeing where we are and showing the audience because we know where we are. It is funny how strange that would sound to people who don’t know much about acting, but I actually understand that it is important.


Janice McCloskey said...

i agree! i really liked the door activity. The real door did help out alot. I thought that is was going to be difficult to go from being somewhere else to another room and then through the door to another place. The people who went from being outside to inside I thought did a very good jon showing that they had come from outside. I think the taking off of the shoes was the most common idea that everyone had to protray coming from outside, in.

Patrick O'Keefe said...

I also thought the real door helped out a lot also, maybe its because i'm not good at pretending that having an actual door made me more confident in my "acting." And as for coming outside, its so weird how things you would never think of, ie. wiping off your feet, taking off your jacket, etc. shows the audience where you're coming from and we immediately recgonize it. It's funny now that when I watch movies that I actually look for these things.