Thursday, December 6, 2007

wow i cant believe it was our last class either! the time has flown by so quickly! im almost positive i wont have another class that is this much fun or one that you dont have to feel embarrassed when your doing something weird or different. good luck on everyone's finals im sure everyone will do awesome! the skits look good so far and that was just practice. Have a fun rest of the semester and I will see everyone around campus! good luck!


Brian Mozena said...

Its over. Its all over. My life is theatre anyway. This is so sad. This was an awesome class, and it was actually very beneficial, since it made us all not so nervous to get up in front of people. I love you all.

Patrick O'Keefe said...

It's a sad sad day in my life when it comes to theatre...Myself like Mr. Mozena, have probably seen my last acting days...This class was fun and I'm going to miss it, and everyone that was in it. Because if the right kind of people weren't in the class, the class itself could have went a whole different way.