Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sitting in Convo

For the sitting exercise that we given at the end of class i decided to sit in Convo and see how people acted with one another. The thing is i noticed that most of the people in Convo were not looking at each other when talking. There eyes were on the new TVs Around them. When they did look down from the TV it was usually to look at there phone. In the five minutes i sat there i also watched the people coming into Convo, in that time i saw 20 or more people come in talking or texting on there phones. These are just examples that the human race is becoming more dependant on technology. As more convenient and help full as technology is, it is numbing our communication skills and lowering our social skills.


Ben Tracey said...

For the looking around exercise, I choose to sit in the quad and watch people going to classes. I also noticed that when people were talking to one another they didn't ever look at each other. Another similarity was that people were doing things on there phone when talking to their friends. I also noticed that people seem to stick to the paths earlier in the day when it is cooler. As the day goes on you see more and more cut through the grass to get somewhere faster. You've got to love the heat!

Matt Strobel said...

I sat in my dorm room and listen to the noises I heard. A few of the things were keys jingling, people laugning and talking, and phones going off. I also heard tons of crickets through out the day and they would vary in how loud they were as the day went on.