Thursday, September 6, 2007

Mirror Stretching

I thought the mirror imaging was exciting. It was a bit difficult if your partner is going fast, but that is obvious. I really enjoyed and hope to do it again. But the stretching, is long and it hurts. But of course it must be done!!!

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Patrick O'Keefe said...

The mirror excercise is definately not easy. It basically comes down to what Jenna said, if you go to fast it's obvious to figure out who the leader is. I was surprised when no one could really figure out who was the leader when Jenna and I went in front of the class. In a sense I was kind of proud of us. Previously no one really had stumped the class until we did so that was kind of cool. I like the mirror excercise, the continued eye contact can be a little akward at times but it's not too bad. Well I'm looking forward to possibly stumping the class again tommorow!