Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A New Age

I thought the acting a different age was really hard at first. When I drew four, I had no idea what to do. I tried to think what a generic four year old would do when waiting for a bus. I still had no idea. Then I started to think about four year olds I know. My little cousin, kids at a park I worked at, and so on. When I started to think about them it became a lot easier to act like them. That helped me.


Ben Tracey said...

I thought the age exercise was great. I wasn't only wondering how to portray the age I drew, but I wondered how others would do it. I never realized the things you could notice about someone from just watching them. Normally age is something you can easily tell because people you see are actually that age. It was interesting watching 20 year olds act out different ages. Everyone did a really good job though.

Blaine said...

I'd agree, I thought it was going to be real tough, but I drew 72, and people of that age really don't have much to do but sit there and be slow. So I got what you call luck of the draw.