Thursday, October 25, 2007

The activity that we did in pairs today was very fun to do. Now that we have been working with the idea of "substance" for a while I think it is getting a little bit easier to work with it on stage.
I thought everyone did a great job at working with their partner and actually visualizing the "substance" that they were working with. The activity that we did towards the end of class was very pretty difficult. It was hard to know what people were doing and what space they actually were in. Im sure if we did that exercise again it would go a lot smoother because we now realize that each thing that someone adds must be simple and communicated clearly to the audience.


Ben Tracey said...

I thought that establishing a place was harder than I thought it would be. However, I think that we will do better the next time now that we realize what needs to happen. I like playing with two whiz's in whizbang. It will be awesome when we have verybody doing it.

Brian Mozena said...

I agree. On the subject of whiz bang, I think we definetly need to make it harder. Either adding a second whiz bang or adding some additional options of how to pass and recieve it, because everyone is getting too good at it.