Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Class on Tuesday

Class on tuesday was very interesting, it's definately a lot easier I feel to go up in front of the class with someone opposed to going up by your self. When you had to go up first and act out something with out using something was just as always difficult. There is so much you have to think about to make it believable. I did a fishing pole and the act of casting and I've casted a fishing pole so much in my life but I still had to stop and think about everything. How I move the pole in my hand, flip the bail open, hold the line with my pointer finger, and then the proper wrist action you use when casting.
When we had to go up and take a piece of the "substance" I found this hard, probably because I felt stupid doing it cause Iwas playing with something that wasn't really there, it just felt weird. But none the less I gave it my best and I played with that substance to the best of my ability. And Janice probably was better at handling the substance because I can't remember then last "silly putty" I played with, I think the last time was, "Gak" that stuff from Nickolodeon!


kris kennedy said...

As i was thinking about a object that i could pull out and use i tried to think simple. I thought that reading a paper would not really be that difficult. But i found out that even though i have looked through a paper many of times. It is still a total new experience just as Patrick said. I under estimated all the factors of such a simple function. I felt like i could see what i was doing but i could not fully put it into action. Especially the weight and the weakness of paper... Also it is cool how right after discussing the play's feature of using no props we still continue to reinforce these points.. good times.

Fabio Polanco said...

What both of you guys are saying is so good. Stanislavski came to the same conclusion. It is so much harder to do things on stage than in real life, because everything is magnified. There it is harder to cast a fishing pole onstage than in real life. This is part of the actor's challenge.