Friday, October 5, 2007


I am not going to lie, when we did not have class on Tuesday, it really messed me up. This class wakes me up on my Tuesdays and Thursdays. Today in class I learned that I do not actually know the difference between football and baseball, but such is life. The whole hot tub/car situation was hilarious! Also, last night I ended up seeing "Expecting Isabel" and it was hilarious! I was a play that I would have seen even if it wasn't assigned. Good times.


Brian Mozena said...

Yeah, When we didnt have class on Tuesday I cried....then when I saw that we had to write a paper, I really cried....alot. Anyway, thursdays class was fun. I'm glad that someone saw a hot tub and car when those four people laid down in a square, because, all I saw was the base of alog cabin, and It would have been pretty awkward to start laying down on top off one another to construct a log cabin.

Ben Tracey said...

I almost fell asleep in my Micro class on Tuesday becuase I didn't have Acting to wake me up. It was bad. I thought our traveling hot tub was great! I think perhaps we should suggest the idea to someone. Being a radio was fun, I just wish I could have thought of more things to say while on the radio. Before we had made a car, I was envisioning a tent. I'm glad that we didn't go that way. Now that we have a grasp on how that works I am really excited to do it again.

kris kennedy said...

Exactly fellas, the hot tub car was quite an amazing production by us as a class. I personally thought it was very funny when blaine turned the whole direction of it around by jumping in the drivers seat. This little activity is pretty cool in the way that it shows the differences in perception from person to person. After a few people added their bodies to the object it had so many options of the direction it could go. Its really cool to step back and look at it that way. And see how the working together while acting has some pretty sweet outcomes.