Monday, October 1, 2007

Filling In The Blanks

The last activity that we did in class on Thursday gave a hint of the pure freedom that some forms of acting can offer. In the position that I was in I had to attempt to figure out the situation that i was dealing with. It made it very interesting as to wondering (prior to them coming on stage) how the 3 others would relate to me. As I watched Blaine mow the grass he had some down time with the others on the stage while they were just observing something else on the side of the stage. I expected mine would be somewhat similar, where i would see them before i could hear them type of thing. I was not given that luxury of time, the first i knew of anyone being on stage I heard Ashley's angry voice. I have to admit i was pretty surprised and it made it pretty difficult to try to patch together what was happening; it happened so fast. I just had to fill in the blanks with the information that i was able to pick up. Once I got it everything seemed to flow well and the freedom of improv acting took over. I think that it was great that in an attempt to keep it as real as possible that we covered for each other. For instance when I began to laugh Ashley just incorporated it as a part of the act and it was covered up without a pause. I hope that we do more activities just like this one, very fun.


Brian Mozena said...

I agree. Even though it was difficult being put on the spot by people running up to you screaming, it was kinda fun. I'm super excited to see what we do next.

Fabio Polanco said...


I think that what you said is very important. Acting is largely, "filling in the blanks." When you are working on a play, part of the actor's responsibility is to fill in the gaps that the playwright has left.