Friday, October 12, 2007

the play

I just saw the play and it was completely different than what I had invisioned. I didnt know that they were not going to have any props but instead imagined them. I thought it was really cool to see how they interpreted things differently or similarly as we do in class. I thought the play was very well performed.

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kris kennedy said...

I also saw the play this past weekend and I envisioned it to be much different then what it was. We had many classes on the set and i had a curiosity in me about how certain parts of the set would come into play. I was surprised by some uses, and even impressed with other parts of the set. I wasn’t aware of the screen for video on the set, I thought this was a good part of the set. As for the play I was impressed with the play, i was pretty entertained during it, and the play is by far the best AU play I have watched yet.
I also noticed relation between class and the play of the use of no props. I think this really determines a good actor if they are able to make you see the object that isn’t even there. I could see the ability that the actors had in this area and then compared it to me in class. Not even close.