Sunday, September 2, 2007


For the listening excercise, I sat in my room alone. The first thing that I heard was music from the floor above me. It was the song "You and me baby, 'aint nothing but mammals, so lets do it like they do on the discovery channel." I also heard extremely loud insects outside my window. I assume that they were being so loud, because they wanted to attract a mate. Even though they werent mammals, they wanted some action, too I guess. I also heard the elavator dinging as it arrived at different floors, and people talking outside my window, but this is probably unrelated to sex. The sounf of the insects grew louder.


Ben Tracey said...

For the listening exercise, I decided to sit in the quad. I also heard some crickets doing there cricket thing. People were talking on their cell phones and I heard a couple cell phones ring. I could hear music coming from one of the dorms nearby and car sounds coming from the road by the senior apartments. The wind was blowing and it was causing the trees to rustle around. Because there were a good number of people walking around I got to hear footsteps and the sounds of keys jingling as well. The quad is a great place for sounds!

kris kennedy said...

This weekend I am home in PA, so for the listening exercise i decided that i would sit in my truck for 5 minutes before i went into wal-mart. I heard many expected noises such as car engines, car locks beeping, chattering distant taling, noise from the nearby Interstate 80. But it was still neat because i heard other noises beyond those for one i frequently heard the use of shopping carts. The wheels making their noise and the entire cart rattling with every little groove in the pavement. People walking past me into wal-mart were talking fast, i caught enough to tell one couple was planning out the upcoming week. Adding to this noise was an unexpected but not surprising noise. Some tough guy spinning out, i had to laugh at the thought of spinning out in wal-mart's parking lot. Just a chuckle. While sitting still and listening to this i realized how neat it was to listen to people do what they do. Just to be a bystander of life and listen for a bit. I also realized that i am part of the noise that i heard, the ever so fast and always in a hurry get in get out mentality.

Note: I still can't figure this blog thing out. I am on the verge of feeling stupid. Nevemind that, I do feel stupid. Any advice?

Stacey Sadowski said...

For my listening exercise I sat in a doctor’s office waiting room. Two men sat about 10 feet from me. One of them was unable to talk normally and made grunting noises that the other could understand. There was and older couple who met someone they knew there. They seemed surprised and excited to see each other. The secretaries were making phone calls that were muffled by the glass separating us from the office. There were televisions on in the background, and lots of people moving around.