Monday, September 10, 2007

Taste Exercise

I think that the taste exercise that we did in small groups was by far the most difficult for me. I was slightly able to “taste” the sweets that I was eating. But it just seemed so unnatural while attempting to eat, I felt very uncoordinated and jerky in my motions. Then as I watched the exercise it didn’t seem like any of us truly acted the way we do when we eat. In the exercise we were in slow motion while “eating” and our movements didn’t really match up because we were trying too hard to be natural. I thought that was very ironic comparing it to some of the other post about how fast many of us eat, and just get in and get out of convo. I totally agree on the fact of how quickly we eat and we look like “cows” as someone mentioned. But I just think that it is odd that in reality we buzz through food when we are given the chance to taste it (and probably don’t most of the time). Class gave us the chance to savor the food that wasn’t there and began to work on my taste a little bit.

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Kyle Malone said...

I agree that the taste exercise was difficult. It was hard to sit there and actually think about what we were tasting rather than showing what we were eating. I also noticed that in convo people eat so quickly that it seems to us that when we act like we are eating we have to do it so fast because that is what society does. If we ate the way we did in the taste exercise though I don't think we would ever get anything done however.